Ladies Auxiliary of FRA Application Form


Membership for the LA FRA is open to the spouse, daughters, stepdaughters, mother, grandmother, and granddaughters (not less than sixteen (16) years of age) of FRA members, and widows of those who were eligible to be members at the time of their death.




ADDRESS: _____________________________________ APT:_________


DATE OF BIRTH: __________ SOCIAL SECURITY NO:_____________


HOME PHONE: ___________________


I am the: (Please check one of the following)


Spouse ____ Widow/Remarried ____ Mother ____ Grandmother ____


Sister ____ Daughter ____ Granddaughter ____ Stepdaughter ____


of (Serviceman's Name:) __________________________ Rate/Rank:_____


Service Branch (USN, USMC, USCG) ___________________



Unit Preference: LAFRA Unit 269


Applicants Signature: __________________________DATE: _______


Payment Options:

Cash ____ Check ____

DUES: ___ 1 Yr. $20.00

Proposed by: _________________________________ Member # ____________ Unit # ________

Verification of Eligibility

The above named Fleet Reservist is a member of the FRA Branch  269

The above named Fleet Reservist was eligible to be a member of the FRA Branch 269 at the time of death (Date) ______________


Unit Secretary: _________________________________ Date: ______________


Return Application to:

LAFRA  Unit 269